BIOS , FLASH , Mod, Naprawa. Programowanie układów

Kategoria: IT, Telekomunikacja
Właściciel: Master Blaster

Usługa naprawy , programowania, układów BIOS , flash. (100 000+ układów)
Usługa obejmuje szeroko pojętą elektronike: płyty głowne komputera a także inne sprzety IoT
Przed naprawą problem musi byc przeanalizowany, wtedy wybieram optymalną solucje.

You will need a new bios chip for the following purposes:

  • As a replacement chip for a defective BIOS Chip
  • As a BIOS upgrade chip for advanced features such as support for newer CPU, larger hard drive, more devices and fix for known bugs
  • As a backup chip in case the current BIOS Chip is corrupt
Why should you choose us as your BIOS Chip vendor?
  • We are a professional programming house with expertise and advanced equipment to program the BIOS Chip to meet your needs.
  • We carry "Brand-New" BIOS Chip of super quality from market leader such as Intel, PMC, ST, SST and WINBOND. Each chip is programmed and verified with the latest bios file released from the motherboard manufacturer.